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Eklaz laser

Eklaz laser is intended:

  • for laser microtechnologies (manufacturing of microelectronical products and marking of materials)
  • for environmental control installations
  • for medical purposes
  • for research activities

The laser consists of:

  • Irradiator
  • Pulse charger
  • Gas purifier
  • Forevacuum station

Main parameters  
Emission wavelength, nano-m 193 248
Maximum pulse power (Epulse), mJ 100 300
Maximum pulse-repetition rate, Hz 100 100
Maximum average power, W 5 20
Beam divergence at 0.5 Epulse level 0.2x0.4 0.2x0.4
Maximum power consumption, kW 3 3
Capacity, pulses 1x108 1x108

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