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MIT-51-2 laser with lamp pumping

Due to the special design of the laser quantron, which consists of two crystals and one pumping lamp, losses for the increased luminescence are lowered. This provides the effective work of laser in the generator-amplifier.

Built-in frequency multiplier transforms the main frequency into the second harmonic. Laser emission wavelength at the output is 532 nm. This emission can be used for treatment of materials, pumping of Ti:Al2O3 crystal based lasers and frequency-controlled lasers.

MIT-51-2 laser is used for research activities and is very perspective to be used for industrial technological processes.

This laser is used for the research purposes in Helsinki, Finland.

Main parameters 
Average emission power, W 2
Emission wavelength, nano-m 532
Pulse-repetition rate, kHz 1, 2, 5, 10
Pulse duration, nano-sec 15
Beam diameter, mm 7
Polarization linear

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