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The magnetron rolling coating facility is intended for the deposition of metal coatings as well as their oxide, nitride and carbide compounds on the flexible polymeric roll materials (Kapton, FEP Teflon, Mylar, etc..) for the thermal insulation of space objects and the production of a new generation of flexible solar cells.

The facility provides: high-vacuum pumping, pulling and rewinding of roll materials, production of necessary gas medium (required for the technology process), plasma cleaning and activating of roll materials surface (before coating deposition), deposition of coatings by means of the system of the magnetron sources, processing control (including coating thickness control) in real time.


Technical characteristics: 
Diameter of the chamber, mm 1600
Length of the chamber, mm 1725
Width of the polymeric film, mm, up to 1200
Polymer film thickness, micrometer 6 - 200
Diameter of the roll of film, mm, not more 400
Linear speed of the film, m/min 1-10
Coating ununiformity, no more,% 10
Number of magnetron sources, pcs 3
Magnetrons capacity, kW 3 x 10
Number of ion sources, pcs 1
Residual pressure in the vacuum chamber, Pa 2 x 10-3
Pumping time (without roll) to a pressure of 5x10-3 Pa, min 30
Number of cryosorption pumps NVK630-20, pcs. 2
Total capacity of cryosorption pumps, l/s 40000
Full weight of the facility, kg 16000
Total power consumption, kW 160
Computer control system provides all technology stages in automatic mode  


A.G. Ivanov, D.A. Karpov "Optimization of the technology process of functional coatings deposition on roll materials by magnetron sputtering in the large-scale vacuum facility" (Proceedings of the 16th International Scientific and Practical Conference "Hardening technologies, coating and repair: Theory and Practice", SPb .: Publishing house of the Polytechnic University Press, 2014, part 1, pp. 232-238).


Product: Magnetron Rolling Coating Facility,

Year of delivery: 2015,

Customer: China Precision Machinery Import & Export Corporation,

Country: China.

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