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Cyclotron MCC-30/15

The proposed MCC-30/15 is compact isochronous cyclotron of novel design for accelerating negative hydrogen or deuterium ions up to 30 or 15 MeV energy, respectively, with 100% efficiency of extraction by stripping to positive ions. Cyclotron is especially suitable for production as single photon emitters (I-123, In-111, Ta-201, Ga-67 and so on) for SPECT, so positron emitters (F-18, O-15, N-13, C-11 and so on) for PET.

The quality of the goods (in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Assurance) will be in full conformity with the technical conditions on the cyclotron and will be confirmed by the Quality Certificate issued by our manufacturing plant.

Special inject system of H-/D- beam into the cyclotron is used.


Type of ions    
- accelerated H- D-
- extracted H+ D+
Energy, MeV    
- minimum 15 7.5
- maximum 30 15
Maximum current, µA    
- expected 500 250
- guaranteed 350 150

Power consumption 
Stand-by condition, kW 15
Beam on target, kW 120

Magnetic structure 
Pole diameter, sm 150
Number of sectors (per pole) 4
Sectors angle (radial varying) 42-45°
Gap (hill/valley), sm 3.5/20
Average induction, T 1.2
DC power in coils, kW 20
Magnet weight, t 50
Magnet dimensions, m 3.0x1.8x1.6

Radio-frequency system 
Number of dees 2
Dee angle 42°
Harmonic mode 4
Frequency, MHz 37 and 74
Dee voltage, kV 50
Dissipated RF power, kW 35

Pumping system 
Number of cryopumps 3
Pumping speed (H2), l/s 5x103
Operating vacuum better than, Torr 5x10-7

The external ion source is used. Axial injection system consists of a solenoid focusing lens, pair of guadrupoles and tilted spiral inflector.

The control system of the cyclotron is based on a programmable controller with computer. The control system includes control rack, control console of table top type with computer and key lock on/of buttons.

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