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NPK LUTS in collaboration with medical institutions developed a typical structure, technologies, equipment and software comprising the EFARAD complex for conventional beam therapy.

The EFARAD complex provides for a pre-treatment patient preparation and an actual secondary and electron beam treatment in a range of 5 to 20 MV allowing static mode rectangular and figured fields formed by individual blocks and diaphragms. Rotational and sector modes are also supported.

The Complex provides for the required level of quality assurance in all levels of treatment, including:

Diagnostics provides for tumor localization and definition of its size. This stage enables CT and MR tomography, radiography devices, US and other technologies.

Pre-treatment patient preparation includes the definition of irradiation area and organs at risk, dose loads, fractioning scheme and dose load optimizations. Digital anatomy and topometry 3D imaging is provided by X-ray digital simulators, computer tomography devices. Dose calculations are performed on dosimetry planning system.

Therapy performs an actual chosen treatment plan. This stage enables accelerators and irradiation conditions verification systems.

Irradiation devices are comprised by medical accelerators LUER-20MT, SL-75-5M .

Dosimetry devices are presented by dose field analyzer (DFA), designed for dose distribution measurements in water phantom. The measurements performed on DFA are used in beam treatment planning.

Dose Field Analyser
Dose Field Analyser

Pre-treatment preparation devices include TCP-100 X-ray computerized simulator and tomography device, RENTKOR or UNIKOR-SCAN tomography device, scanning laser distance meters (contour meters), topometrists workstations, ScanPlan dosimetry planning system.

The TCP-100 simulator and tomography device intended for biometry studies, simulation and verification of irradiation conditions during the process of pre-treatment preparation of oncological patient. It enables projection imaging (in geometry of a therapeutical device and radiation field contours) and transversal digital tomography on given levels.

The TCP-100 unifies two functional elements in one device: an X-ray digital tomography and an X-ray digital simulation devices for radiotherapy. Optionally TCP-100 can be fitted with a light pen, thus allowing the process of marking up custom radiation fields.

Transversal tomography imaging is based on fan beam exposition of patients body in a geometry of a third generation digital tomography device and image reconstruction by beans of computational tomography methods.

The device is fitted with digital radiation registration system with its displacement mechanism and scanning fan beam generation devices. The digital data is transferred to the planning system.

-100 Tomography and Simulator Device
-100 Tomography and Simulator Device

The laser scanning distance meter (contour meter) is intended for biometry studies in the process of pre-treatment preparation of oncological patients and treatment verification. It enables patients body contour measurements on given levels. The autonomous contour meter can be used together with topometrists workstation and its digital imaging library to obtain anatomy and topometry information. As a treatment verification device the contour meter can be mounted on a console of a therapeutical device or a simulator.

The ScanPlan dosimetry planning system enables therapeutical beam configuration modeling and calculation of dose field parameters for medical accelerators and cobalt guns. It is used for preparation of external photon and electron beam treatment sessions in a wide range of energies. The system provides for: planning of an arbitrary amount of rectangular radiation fields in static and rotational modes, including custom blocks and using several anatomy slices.

ScanPlan Planning System
ScanPlan Planning System

The Information system. The InfoRAD software and hardware complex, comprising of PC based physicists and physicians workstations, networked with the other devices comprising the complex, data bases and digital archives. The system provides for the information exchange for the whole process of treatment.

The EFARAD complex is built using the principles of modular design, thus enabling flexible distribution of functionality among the hardware and an ongoing development by adding new modules.

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