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«D.V.Efremov Institute of Electrophysical Apparatus»
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Patented design of stents, theirs construction materials and coating processes;

Technology processes of production stents, working areas, equipment;

Working project of manufacturing line unit for the serial production of stents.


Commercial sample of stent wish carbon and drug coatings and delivery system;

Native line production of stents up to 100 thousand units per year;

Providing people with urgently needed and accessible medical instrumentation for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Social aspects of project:

  • Russian need in stenting operations- 600 thousand operations per year (0,3 - 0,4 % of population), however it was hold no more than 40 thousand operations (~6% demand) in 2008 year.
  • Creation of native production of stents in Russia will provide population with accessible native equipment and will significantly increase the number of operations even using present staff and equipment in clinics.


1. Russian Federation Patent No.2253410 Intravascular prosthesis for reconstruction and/or preservation of blood vessel lumen (embodiments), 2005.

2. V.A. Belyakov, V.A. Gluhih, D.A. Karpov, I.F. Kislov, O.G. Filatov, I.N. Kochanov, V.K. Suhov, A.N. Samko “Development and organizating of manufacturing of native intravascular prostheses (stents) with biology compatible coatings”, New industrial technologies, # 5, 2005 г., pages50-52 (in Russian).

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