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ELS - 2500


The ELS-2500 facility with local radiation shield based on linear electron acceleretor UELV-3-2,5S.

The facility is intended for irradiation of foodstuff, medical, products, mails and parcels, etc.

The facility comprises a linear eectron accelertor, a chamber for irradiation of with a sistem for these objects transport and a local radiation shield.

At the 100 mm distance from the facility, the X-ray dose is no more than 1 µSv/h.

ELS-2500 ELS-2500
ELS - 2500 facility for e-beam irradiation

The process of irradiation proceeds as follows: through an open door of the irradiation chamber an operator fixes a cassette with an object to be irradiated on the transport system. Then the operator presses the pushbutton (“START”). The irradiation chamber door is automatically closed, and the accelerator is brought to the BEAM ON mode. The control apparatus of the accelerator checks parameters of the scanned beam of accelerated electrons and then, if they are in accordance with the validated parameters, the transport system starts to move the cassette across the beam. When the cassette has left the area of irradiation, the beam is automatically turned off. The cassette is turned through 180о and the beam is automatically turned on. Then the beam parameters are checked and an object to be irradiated is moved in opposite direction thus being irradiated from the other side. When the cassette has left the area of irradiation, the beam is turned off. When the time necessary to ventilate nitrogen oxides and ozone off the irradiation chamber has elapsed, the chamber door is automatically open. The operator takes the irradiated cassette off the transport system and put a new one. For objects of rather small thickness, there is no need to rotate the cassette through 180о to provide their two-sided irradiation.

Performeters of the facility 
Nominal average energy, MeV 3
Nominal average power of the beam extracted into the atmosphere, kW 2,5
Power consumed by the accelerator, kW 40
Maximum scanning length, mm 350
Scanning frequency, Hz 1-10
Speed of an irradiated object transport in the process of scanning, m/min 0,5-0,8

The unit for loading of objects to be irradiated
The unit for loading of objects to be irradiated

Dimensions and weight of the facility 
Dimensions of the facility (LхWхH), mm 4500х3600х2000
Weight of the facility, kg 40000
Sizes of irradiated objects, mm 500х200х350

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